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Hello my name is Vincent and I am a professional film maker and photographer with 10 years of crafting compelling images. I provide bespoke video and photographic creations of events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions.

 I like to capture the essence of every moment – the various narratives and unique interactions and fleeting expressions in a specific environment or situation. As a photographer, I have explored theatre, portraits, lifestyle and gained insights into lighting and human drama which I aim to portray in events such as weddings that tells the love story of two individuals or a prestigious corporate event which is an opportunity to showcase the ethos of a brand. Videography is a skill that I have developed over the years alongside my photography and these film making skills have taken me all over the world.  Basel, New York, Havana, Manchester, Amsterdam and Barcelona to name a few places. 

I use Sony mirrorless cameras – as these cameras enable me to film discreetly and simultaneously achieve a wonderful cinematic look. Having worked in different fields – professional pianist, sommelier, restaurant manager, and teaching, I try to incorporate my various experiences into my photography and film-making. I strive to go above and beyond, devoting myself to each assignment with enthusiasm and great attention to detail. With all my clients, I believe that open and honest communication is immensely valuable and I always communicate clearly and share ideas with my clients for exceptional and satisfying results. If you’re looking for a relaxed, commited and reliable film maker/photographer for your next project, please get in touch.

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